Satterlee project update

Well hello again!

After running through a few more schematic designs for the house since my last post many months ago, we’ve all settled on the final version and are about to submit the land use permit application. We need to get approval to build on the steep slope, critical area before we can proceed with permitting the house. We’ve gone through a pre-application process so we think the project will likely get its necessary green light. If all goes well, we’ll be breaking ground on the house in late spring or early summer.

The design has undergone some changes. With the help of our skilled civil engineers we designed a switchbacking driveway that utilizes the lot to the south, which is also owned by the client’s family. Since this driveway solution makes the south lot accessible for vehicles as well, we’re seeking the approval to build on the south lot so the owners have the option of building a second home on that lot in a couple years.

The house has slimmed down a floor, going from four levels to three and becoming longer and leaner, fitting better as it steps up the hillside. More, shallower steps also allowed us to keep retaining wall heights below ten feet tall and avoid using tiebacks with our shoring. Square footage has remained about the same, around 2500 SF.

Oh, and for those who are worried, it’s fastened to the hill much better than you might think.

Here are some renderings and drawings from the schematic stage:

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