Run26 Tenant Improvement

In October w|a was asked to design a tenant improvement build out for the running store, Run26 in Mill Creek Town Center. There was only one catch – the permit had to be ready in about eight days! Cary Westerbeck called architect, Andrew Russin for assistance and they quickly collaborated to measure the new space, assess conditions and rapidly create some concepts and designs for the client. With only days to work, they quickly threw together a permit set of drawings and submitted the package in time.

Since the client was combining two spaces and bringing down part of the wall between them, the architects saw an opportunity to save money and create more interesting space. One side had a dropped ceiling at 10′ and the other an exposed ceiling at about 20′ high. We proposed to remove the lower half of the wall between the two spaces at the retail, front of house space, allowing for two ceiling heights and a more dynamic space. This also saved money since the HVAC and suspended ceiling could stay intact. We all called it a win-win.

The work also included designing two massage therapy rooms, dressing rooms, office and storage space towards the back of the spaces. The client requested a curved shoe wall and we saw that a curve could complement the Run26 logo. Along with grinding and polishing the concrete floor, we had the Run26 logo etched into the floor to echo the curve of the shoe wall.

The client will be phasing in more changes as budget and time allow. Run26 will be implementing a retail lighting plan designed by w|a, adding soffits and additional display lighting and installing custom banners to highlight Run26 sponsored runners and photos from community running races.

Cary visited the store recently and snapped a few shots as painting and other finish work was being wrapped up. Here are some photos of the concepts, process and almost-finished state.

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