Westerbeck Headquarters

The Westerbecks live in a 1956 tri-level home that was in dire need of remodeling when purchased in 2004. We looked at dozens of homes with depressing low ceilings, so we were delighted to find this gem – the dog on the street – with vaulted ceilings in the main spaces and only a three minute walk to an excellent elementary school and St. Edwards State Park. Since 2004 we have steadily been remodeling, bit by bit. We have replaced and redesigned all the windows and doors and exterior, knocked out walls and redesigned and rebuilt the kitchen and dining area, brought light into the interior with carefully placed skylights, made headway on a xeriscape (low water plantings) yard, built a shed, an architectural tire swing and replaced much of the electrical wiring. And yet there is vastly more, always more. The house is a labor of love and the work is ongoing as time and money are marshalled. Keep an eye on the w|a blog to see what’s next and what’s new at Westerbeck World Headquarters.