Clearview Cafe

We were approached by a successful restauranteur and his builder to design some concepts for an existing run-down cafe in Clearview, WA. The cafe’s long history and excellent location on highway 9 made it a busy and popular stop in the past and our client saw the opportunity to give the cafe a new life and give the community back its beloved gathering place. With just a week to generate a concept and a limited budget for potential improvements, we focused on a few big impact moves such as new building signage, generous outdoor seating, a light-filled addition with 12′ ceilings for the expanded dining area, and welcoming landscaping and hardscaping. Once negotiations with the property owner are sealed, westerbeck|architecture will continue working on the interior and exterior design and refine the concepts begun here as we prepare construction documents and construct a renewed Clearview Cafe.

Clearview_1-18 Clearview_1-15